Below you can find various examples of other disciplines I dabble in. This includes some animation, 3d Modelling and graphic design but lack the volume for their own galleries currently.

I am a traditionally trained artist and enjoy dabbling in personal paintings when I can find the time. Here is a small selection although I am planning to produce more frequently over 2016.

Recently I have been teaching myself to use 3d Studio Max through various tutorials. Here you can find some of the finished results of those tutorials as well as some projects I have applied what I have learnt to my own projects.

I have also experimented with the program Spine, as a tool for 2d Animation like flash using a skeleton animation technique. Unfortunately I encountered some transparency issues with the whites and some pixelated edging. I hope to revisit this program and use it more often and rectify the issues on these examples.

Finally some of my Graphic Design work. Including website design for my web-comic Cold Ghosts, and a demonstration of playing with fonts in order to create customized nerdy motivational coasters for private gifts.