The Masquerade – Comic

A wrestler reinvents himself with a supernatural mask to become a wrestling legend but ultimately becomes consumed by the mask’s nefarious intentions.


”The Masquerade” was a small independent comic project I worked on with writer Mike Laue in 2014. I was responsible for character designs, pencils, inks, colours and lettering for this comic. Unfortunately the project was cut short and we decided to discontinue after the first issue was completed.

Character Concepts



Below you can find the first 8 pages of the comic completely coloured and lettered.


The Cover

The cover was a tricky one as at the time pin-up styled covers were the top sellers, but we really wanted the duality of the mask to come into play. We looked into the option of mimicking old wrestling styled versus posters but felt it didn’t read as clearly as it could have. In the end I decided to take a risk and combine the two ideas with a limited colour pallet to create a striking cover that would stand out on the shelves.