DawnStar – Visual Novel Game

Dawnstar was a Sci-Fi Visual Novel game I worked on with Janeil Harrichan for PC. The game once released will have it’s own music score as well as a full voice cast.
My roles as an artist was to create the sprites for each character in the game as well as create a functional wardrobe set for each character which could be interchanged seamlessly in game. However I was not the colorist for the final product.
I was also responsible for background art and some promotional art. 


In total I worked on 20 sprites all with their own expression sheets and some with a change of wardrobe. Characters included humans, robots and even dinosaurs!


 An example of the expressions I worked on as well as a wardrobe sheet for the character ”Shinako”


Although I was not responsible for the sprite colours in the end I did prepare a mock up for the character ”Haley”


I was responsible for all environment backgrounds for Dawnstar. Each environment went through several thumbnail stages before coming to the final design.


Some environments required additional layers to show a change in ”battle damage” or characters interacting with objects in the  scene.


Some promotional line-art prepared for Dawnstar

GLOMPink2 guns_corrections

Alpha footage subject to change upon release