This page will provide you with information of old, current and up-coming comic projects I am working on. This includes both Web-comics and published works.
Click on the titles and their images to take you to their official websites.

D.E.R.P.  – 2012 – 2013
derp_by_quidfish-d3jl4dd D.E.R.P. is an Autobiographical comic detailing my journey from the UK to Canada all amidst the zombie apocalypse. What do you mean you don’t remember the zombie apocalypse? Perhaps you should refresh your memory!

D.E.R.P. is a black and white comic created to let me experiment with different techniques and tools whilst creating comics, which is why the style changes drastically as you read. In general it was created an experiment to help boost my confidence as a comic artist and storyteller.

This comic is now on a permanent hiatus as I work on a bigger and better ideas but it still hosted at the link provided. There is still a chance I will revive this undead nightmare and continue the comic but not for now.


Cold Ghosts – 2015 – Ongoing.

Chp1cvr00A devastating and never ending snow storm forces humans underground. After 15 years and inspired by countless stories about fantastical spirits from her adoptive mother, Mai’s young sister runs away in order to bring back the spirit of Summer. Mai, along with some help, ventures out in search of her, but she isn’t prepared to see the surface world roaming with new inhabitants.


Cold Ghosts is my first coloured full length comic. Originally launched in February 2015 and updated weekly. I decided to stop uploads as I want to strengthen the script and character development. I hope to start work on this again, however it has taken a back seat as I focused on freelance work and a university degree.

JUMP – 2016

JUMPcovertest “Jump” is a short comic story about two suicidal people who meet by coincidence on New Year’s Eve. Inspired by the novel ”A Long Way Down” written by Nick Hornby.

Jump is a short black and white comic written by my current partner in crime, Erik Hwang. Erik is the current writer and creator behind Surviving High School, another zombie genre comic I am artist for and we have more goodies planned for the future. This particular short story is based around the different themes and triggers of Depression. Originally created in 2015 to submit to an anthology, we decided in 2016 to test the waters for out future projects and present this short comic as an e-book. Sold as a special edition package this e-book includes exclusive intimate notes from both of us and 4 different early versions of the story including an extended screenplay version, the original comic script, and a break down of how I created the artwork. Part of the sales of this comic will go to charities in both the UK and LA that help people with Depression and Suicide.