Pompocalypse – Game

Pompocalypse is a work in progress game concept I am working on in my own time.
This post will be updated with more art and video footage as the game as I continue to work and add more too it.

I am using Unity and the Corgi Engine and working alone on producing a 2d Platformer.
I am responsible for backgrounds, 2d assets, sprites and their animations as well as the UI for this game as well as placing all assets into unity and making sure it’s functional.



lvl2 concept design

Pompocalypse early concepts

Pompocalypse Dog Concept


Pom Sprite Idle


Game level wip

This screenshot is a work in progress example of the current game footage. The default UI has not been updated yet but the background images are all 2d assets created by myself.


Boulders + Bushes