#200prompts #sketchbook day 2 “young adult”. Interpreted this one a bit more abstract today. A little self portrait doddle of essentially a little how I feel day to day at the moment. Being back in education makes me feel a little like I’m walking in between what an “adult” my age should be doing and achieving vs what student and Uni life expects you to be.

I’m studying Video Game Art and at the end of the day video games still get me to react just like I did as a kid. In fact I think as I’ve got older I’ve even begun shouting at the TV like I used to as a kid when something crazy happens, even if no one is in the room with me!

200 PROMPTS: A small 200 prompt challenge over 365 days. The idea to spend a minimum of 15 min a day doing something creative in response to that prompt. The time frame allowing for you not to feel overwhelmed if you miss a day due to life stresses, but also to spend that little extra time on the ideas that really inspire you.
Not limited to sketchbook work alone I’m hoping to delve into illustrations and low poly 3d.
Join in if you wish! Create your own or join in with me. Unfortunately I didn’t write mine down outside my lucky dip jam jar so you’ll have to wait and see what my prompt of the day is!