There’s a lot going on at the moment in my life. For a really long time I’ve been thinking I don’t draw enough for myself, I should study and practice more but something will always get in the way. Lately so much “life stuff” has happened where its now beginning to affect my work. My hands are shaky with anxiety, I’m struggling to concentrate on perspective and proportions, everything needs to be perfect but it’s not. I want to do so many things to the point I get bogged down feel overwhelmed and do nothing.

Over the weekend I made a list of 200 prompts, folded them up and put them in a jar. Today I pulled out a prompt and got out an old sketchbook.
The point of this exercise is to dedicate a minimum of 15min a day to either draw, or even 3d model whatever comes to mind with these prompts. I’ve picked them specifically to be simple enough for a brain dead day where I just want to copy from life or I could be super creative and make something up to link with the theme!

Having a brain dead anxious day this is all 15 minutes let me produce to the prompt “what’s in my bag?” however I want to do more and this exercise allows for that.

Id like to try and get through these prompts in 365 days. Allowing for me to skip a few days when life gets too much and not feel guilty about it, but also to allow for times when I’m very inspired and want to develop an idea even further! It works out to responding to a prompt 4 times a week.
I intend to be this an exercise of getting back into the habit of drawing and being creative. Exploring concepts, research to expand my ideas and horizons, be observant and even try creating some low poly models for practice.

If anyone would like to join in and do this with me feel free to! Either create your own or draw/3d model along with me!

#200prompts #sketchbook

I’ll be working a little more on this one and will upload the finished page with complete time spent soon!